Green Drink Power

The Right Fuel!

We use a Nutribullet to blend all of our green drinks. This blender creates a tasty juice, but you still get all the natural fiber from the pulp. This is my favorite mix for my morning green drink:

• 1 teaspoon Spirulina (we use the Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica and buy it from – they are the least expensive)

• 2 handfuls raw Spinach – pre washed from the bag, like Dole

• 2 handfuls raw Kale – wash and dry this stuff yourself

• ½ handful of frozen Pineapple chunks

• ½ handful of frozen Strawberry slices

• Pour non-concentrated Orange Juice on it until the juice reaches the ¾ mark

Blend and drink. After you read all the benefits of Spirulina, you will want one of these drinks! 

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