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Time to Train!

If you’re like me, you’re going to try to ICON every single level. Well, you can’t get to level 20 and receive the coveted Rubicon ICON unless you ICON every level. No amount of races with the black or orange bandana will prepare you for this adventure. ICON levels are SUPPOSED to be difficult. Going through the regular levels will be very challenging too. If you’re going to participate in the Rubicon Cruise Series and level up, you may want to follow these simple daily routines.


You don’t need a gym to do any of the following, except the swimming part. However, gyms are a great place to see what others do to strengthen their bodies and also to learn new workouts. With that being said, here is your daily routine.


Pull Ups

Do the hard ones with the palms facing away from you. Do as many as you can, all the way down, then all the way up to where your chin is above the bar. Use proper form. If you can only do one or two, make it your goal to be able to do four by the weekend.

Push Ups

Whether you're male or female, do these the same way: legs together, entire body straight and aligned with only toes and hands touching the floor, all the way down and all the way up, but don’t lock your elbows when you come up. Complete three sets of as many pushups as you can do, then add five more as your goal.


There is usually furniture or something you can use around the house to perform these. Dips will make you strong so you can push yourself up and over the obstacles. Do three sets of as many as you can and add on three for your weekend debut.


Three sets of 30. No matter how long it takes you or how many times you need to stop and rest, you will get better at them (and faster).

Run – Jog – Sprint – Swim

Run a mile every day or at least as often as you can during the week. Time your first run with a stop watch. Make it your goal to run the mile in a minute less in two weeks. Keep doing that until you can run it in seven minutes. Don’t worry, it takes everyone a while to get to a 7-minute mile. I still can’t and I have been running for three years now. The closest I have got is 7.3 but 7 is still my goal!

So here is how I do my exercise and it’s really fun. I have a YMCA membership. During the winter I use it, during the summer I put it on hold, it only costs a few dollars per month, and I run, swim and do my strength building outside on the bike path or at the park. Here’s my normal routine:

Set 1 – 25 pushups, rest 15 seconds, 10 pull ups, rest 15 seconds, 15 Dips, rest 15 seconds, 30 burpees, rest 45 seconds.   

Set 2 – 30 pushups, rest 15 sec, 11 pull ups, rest 15 sec, 20 Dips, rest 15 sec, 30 burpees, rest 45 sec 

Set 3 – 50 pushups, rest 15 sec, 12 pull ups, rest 15 sec, 25 dips, rest 15 sec, 30 burpees, rest 45 sec.

Run one mile around an indoor track, I don’t like treadmills.

Finish it off by swimming as many laps as I can in an Olympic pool. I usually can only do four before I’m wiped out.

Here’s the secret; if you can, run your mile at lunch time during work. It’s the time of day that you’re usually most awake and your metabolism is at its peak. Don’t eat before you run but wait a little bit after you run and then eat something. If you can do this during the week, everything else falls into place.

On Saturdays, the only difference is that I do fewer sets in the strength training and run a 5k instead of a mile.

I have done this kind of workout routine for the last two years and when I do it 4 to 5 times a week and stick to the schedule, I am the leanest and strongest I have ever been.

Get training – CARPE DIEM!

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