About The Race

Have you started training for the next Rubicon Race? If not, what are you waiting for? We’ve added some new elements to the race this year that will undoubtedly test our runners. We think you will love it!

• A New Rope Climb • A New 16 Ft. Tarzan Swing • A New Sandbag Pull • A New 5k Burpee Challenge
• New Mud Pits, Mud Pits, Mud Pits!

Regular Run

A regular run is at least 5k in length and consists of 15-20 obstacles (plus mud pits). This year, the elite heat will go off at 10:00 am. There will be awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This is not a timed event, but is designed to award whoever crosses the finish line first.  

The regular run will start at 11:00 am. We will be releasing groups every 15 minutes.

Maximus Extremis

If you consider the regular run to be a warmup, then the Maximus Extremis is where you can truly test your mettle. You’ll be required to:

• Run 2 Laps • Complete The Burpee 5K

• Complete All Of The Feats Of Strength • Participate In The Headhunter Sport

Note: The Regular Rubicon Race and the Maximus Extremis are offered at the same price. Pretty cool, huh?

Earn Rewards!

Earn special awards for the laps you complete. We think that effort, sweat, and endurance should be rewarded, so our dedicated participants gain the following awards!

• 1 Lap – Rubicon Race Level 1 wristband (Easy to earn in 1 race day – average time would be 35-48 minutes.)

• 5 Laps – Rubicon Race Level 5 wristband (Possible to earn in 1 race event – average time would be 2-3 hours)

• 10 Laps – Rubicon Race Level 10 wristband (2 race events to earn)

• 15 Laps – Rubicon Race Level 15 wristband (Possible 2 race events to earn)

• 20 Laps – Rubicon Race Level 20 wristband (Possible 3 race events to earn)

Other Awards & Bling

Competitors can earn additional rewards by competing in various side events.

• Feats of strength, where you can earn the Maximus Extremis wristband

• The Headhunter Sport, where you can earn the Headhunter Tribe wristband.

• The Rubicon Burpee 5K challenge, where you earn the Burpee 5K wristband.

• Maximus Extremis – If you run two laps through the course and complete all of the side challenges, including the Burpee 5K, you will earn this coveted wristband!

NOTE: Every finisher will receive an official Rubicon Race Finisher shirt, finisher medal, free drink, and free war paint.

Additional Information

• There are NO REFUNDS

Time Runs – As you can tell by now, time doesn’t really matter in this event. If you insist on knowing how fast you can complete a circuit, then we suggest that you bring a stopwatch and run with the elite during the 10:00 am heat.

Body Paint – We offer black, white, red, and blue paint to design and stripe your face and body for the Headhunter Sport. Make sure you wear short sleeves and shorts.

The After PartyKiller music, BBQ & Craft Brew = EPIC AFTER PARTY!!

Get pumped and get registered! Register early so you will have enough time to train, and ensure your shirts arrive at the race, rather than having them mailed to you.

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